Network of European Horse Lawyers

To offer our clients an excellent service in their international equine transactions European Horse Lawyers has built what is called the Network of Independent European Horse Lawyers (NoEHL). European Horse Lawyers are all experienced specialists in equine law.

With its focus on quality rather than quantity the NoEHL provides an effective platform to seamlessly address and meet global client needs thanks to a personal and collaborative relationship among selected and high quality firms throughout Europe.

Such constantly evolving network makes us one of the largest and most connected law firms in the field of equine law, with a global reach and local depth that is simply unrivalled.

Global coverage in today’s horse market allows us to combine our international resources and sector expertise to work on cross-border transactions directly in the markets and regions important to our clients.

Horse ownership is a big responsibility. Horses don’t stop eating and drinking on the weekend when you want to go away. The expenses don’t stop because you want to spend the money elsewhere, or you’ve been unable to work. Be honest about the time and money you are able to spend on a horse.

There are even places on the Internet to buy and sell horses. Most people are well intentioned and wouldn’t purposely mislead you, but they may not tell you the whole story unless you ask.
Unscrupulous horse traders will exercise the “stink” out of them before you get there or even drug them to make an unmanageable horse appear calm.Horses are easy to buy and hard to sell.Good horses will sell any time of the year by word of mouth. Bad or even average horses may take years to sell. Screen them out on the phone before you go look at them.